Starting the Year

School begins as normal at 08:45. Year 7 students begin a day earlier with Year 12 and should go to the Main Hall and sit with their Tutor Group. After an introductory assembly, they will go to their tutor bases with their Tutor and will be given their homework planner, a map of the school and their timetable. They will spend period 1 with their Tutor on this process. Periods 2-4 will be in lessons. They will return to their tutor base for period 5 and Tutors will review the day and answer any questions.

They will be told which teaching group they are in, but do remember that these are reviewed throughout the year and we will move a student if this is in their best interest. If you are concerned about anything at all in these early days of term, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Tutor.