PTCE & School Report Dates

Parent Teacher Consultation Evenings (PTCEs) occur once a year and appointments can be made following a tracking round to speak to any of your child’s teachers.

Please do not feel the need to wait until these calendared events to contact the school about your child’s education.  Telephone conversations and appointments with individual teachers, Directors of Learning or Heads of Faculty can all be arranged by contacting the school office by phone, email or in writing.  Similarly, the staff will do their best to keep you fully informed about your child’s progress at Larkmead School.

Our PTCE bookings are managed via an online booking system.  Please click here for full instructions on how to book appointments.

Target Setting Days are organised for Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 for students and parents to meet with the form tutor to discuss targets for the year ahead.  Year 7 parents have a similar opportunity to meet the tutors on the ‘Year 7 Meet the Tutor Day’.

Tracking data is sent home either two or three times a year with information about how your child is doing in each of the subjects they are taught.  This will usually include:

  • Attendance
  • Target Grades
  • Predicted Grades
  • Attitude to Learning scores “in the classroom”
  • Attitude to Learning Scores “beyond the classroom” (e.g. homework)

Important Dates

Year 7

Meet the Tutor Day – Wednesday 3rd October
Tracking Round 1 – Week beginning 12th November
PGL Trip – 6th March to 8th March
Tracking Round 2 – Week beginning 1st April
Year 7 PTCE – Thursday 23rd May

Year 8

Tracking Round 3 – Week beginning 10th December
Year 8 Options Evening – Thursday 7th February
Year 8 PTCE – Thursday 14th March
Tracking Round 4 – Week beginning 3rd June

Year 9

Tracking Round 5 – Week beginning 15th October
Tracking Round 6 – Week beginning 4th February
Year 9 PTCE – Thursday 21st March
Tracking Round 7 – Week beginning 10th June

Year 10

Year 10 Target Setting Day – Wednesday 17th October
Tracking Round 8 – Week beginning 7th January
Year 10 PTCE – Thursday 24th January
Tracking Round 9 – Week beginning 22nd April
Year 10 Mock Exams – 17th June to 28th June 
Year 10 Work Experience – 1st July to 5th July 
Tracking Round 10 – Week beginning 15th July

Year 11

Year 11 Target Setting Day – Wednesday 19th September
Year 11 Information Evening – Thursday 4th October
Tracking Round 11 – Week beginning 8th October
6th Form Futures Evening – Tuesday 16th October 
Year 11 PTCE – Thursday 8th November
6th Form Open Evening – Thursday 15th November
Year 11 Mock Exams – 4th December to 19th December
Tracking Round 12 – Week beginning 21st January
Year 11 PTCE – Thursday 31st January
Tracking Round 13 – Week beginning 25th March
Year 11 GCSE Exams – 13th May to 26th June

Year 12

Year 12 Target Setting Day – Wednesday 10th October
Tracking Round – Week beginning 12th November
Year 12 PTCE – Thursday 29th November
Tracking Round – Week beginning 28th January
Year 12 PTCE – Thursday 28th February at Larkmead
Tracking Round – Week beginning 1st July
Year 12 Work Experience – 15th July to 19th July

Year 13

Year 13 Target Setting Day – Wednesday 26th September
Tracking Round – Week beginning 5th November
Year 13 PTCE – Thursday 22nd November
Tracking Round – Week beginning 28th January
Year 13 PTCE – Thursday 7th March at Fitzharries
Year 13 A Level Exams – 13th May to 26th June