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Head of Department : Mr Butler - PBUTLER@LARKMEAD.VALE-ACADEMY.ORG

Key Stage 3  

At Key Stage 3 students develop their skills on how to use IT effectively in a place of work. Students are introduced to the school network and wider school learning gateways including:

  • The school email system
  • RM Unify the school learning portal
  • Show My Homework which allows students and parents to access homework
  • Microsoft Teams allowing students and parents to participate in distance collaborative learning

Students learn how to be effective users and managers of IT and how to organise effectively their digital work. Students will build skills in software necessary for them to work across the curriculum. For example, understanding effective use of email for submitting work.

Students will also develop their understanding of Computer Science and i-Media as subjects at Key Stage 4. In Computer Science students develop their understanding through computational thinking. They will also have the opportunity to learn the basics of a high-level programming language such as Python. i-Media offers a more hands-on creative approach to computing. Through the basic theory of production in a design studio and hands-on production techniques, students will experience some of the skills necessary to be successful following the i-Media pathway.

Key Stage 4

What will my child learn in i-media

Digital Media is a key part of many areas of
our everyday lives and vital to the UK economy. Production of digital media products is a requirement of almost every business so there is huge demand for a skilled and digitally literate workforce.This qualification will help students develop specific and transferable skills such as research, planning,
and review, working with others and communicating creative concepts. The qualification’s hands-on approach has strong relevance to the way young people use the technology required in creative media.

The mandatory units of pre-production and creating digital graphics underpin the qualification and reflect key industry skills. The pre-production skills unit is assessed through an examination and contributes 25% of the marks for the Certificate size qualification.

The wide range of optional units cover different media disciplines allowing students a course that will motivate them, appeal to range of learning styles and allow students to demonstrate their ability and creative flair.

Mandatory units
R081: Pre-production skills - Written paper 1 hour 15 minutes

R082: Creating digital graphics
Optional units could include
R087: Creating interactive multimedia products

R091: Designing a game concept