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Welcome from the Students

Having studied at Larkmead from Year 7 to Year 11- joining the Sixth Form was a natural progression. Immediately, we felt welcomed and part of a community with positive values deeply ingrained into it.

Perhaps the most notable distinction between the Larkmead Sixth Form and other sixth forms is that both Year 12 and 13 are integrated with each other in such a way that it is frequently very difficult to distinguish between the two. All students involved relish in their studies and possess the compassion to offer guidance and support to other members that require help. This sense of community is extremely beneficial, enhancing the school experience in both the social and educational aspects.

A key step up between the Sixth Form and the rest of the school is our tighter relationship with our teachers. While the respect for them is and will always remain a crucial theme, the bonds created through intense study of our subjects are more relaxed. Our teachers trust that we progress through our work during our free study periods, on the account that we opted to be here. Throughout the year, the Senior Team organises sporting and charitable events that are quite simply fun to get involved with, each having their own associated benefits.

Morale is always high in our Sixth Form, a direct result of the diverse and vibrant group of passionate students that we feel embodies the school motto- ‘One community, individual minds, creating futures’.

We hope you continue to enjoy your visit to our school website.

Joe Garside and Aswin Saji, Head and Deputy Head Student.