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The Leadership Team






















Head Teacher

Mr Jonathan Dennett

I am delighted to return to Larkmead, having been Deputy Headteacher here from 2005 to 2011 before becoming Headteacher at Fitzharrys.

I am drawn to working in and leading our local schools because of the importance of education in shaping and nurturing individual lives, enriching communities and creating bright futures.

As a parent and someone who has worked in and with Larkmead since 2005 I know the values of our happy and successful school, and the value we bring to students, staff and our community.


Assistant Head Teacher Achievement and Learning

Mr Ed Carlin

I manage the reporting, tracking and data processes in the school.  I am also responsible for the induction and training of new staff and have an overview of the timetable and student options, made at the end of Year 8.  I joined Larkmead School in 2014, and teach Mathematics as well as being on the Leadership Team.  I love the outdoors and do a lot with the Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award group here.  I am keen to take students walking, mountain biking, climbing and fire lighting whenever I get the chance




Assistant Head Teacher Key Stage 4&5 Co-ordinator

Mr Lionel Crowe

I have been teaching at Larkmead for the last 32 years. I have chosen to stay at Larkmead because not only do I get to work with some highly committed colleagues but more importantly I get to work with some really great students, which led to my own two children coming to Larkmead.


For most of my career I have taught history amongst other things, but for the last 15 years I have been responsible for the overall pastoral care and achievement of students in Key Stage 4 taking GCSE examinations and students in the sixth from studying for A-Levels. This post means that I get to be involved in the academic and personal development of all students as they pass through the upper school.



Assistant Head teaching and learning 

Mr Richard Evans

I am responsible for Teaching and Learning in the classroom and for the training of teaching staff both in teaching and assessment. I am also responsible for aspects of curriculum design and delivery.

I teach business, computer science and economics. I joined Larkmead in 2014. I have a passion for learning and understand the importance of education, having spent 17 years in industry, before becoming a teacher. I am proud that we are able to offer a range of academic mentoring opportunities to students as part of our relationship with other schools in Abingdon, and I offer student share club as an extra-curricular activity. I really enjoy teaching want to share this passion with pupils, making Larkmead a strong learning community and helping them shape their future.


Assistant Head Teacher Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator

Ms Liz Watkins

I am responsible for the overall pastoral care and achievement of students in Key Stage 3- Years 7-9. I am also line manage the English Department and the SEND team and play a large role in ensuring that students who transition to Larkmead from primary school feel secure and valued when they begin their journey with us in Y7. I teach English and Media Studies, as well as being one of the designated safeguarding leads at school. I love working with young adults and being able to help and support them as they grow and flourish during their time at secondary school. In my spare time I enjoy walking my two dogs out in the countryside and getting stuck into a good book!