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Sports Science

Head of Department : Mr Hiorns - mhiorns@LARKMEAD.VALE-ACADEMY.ORG

KS4 Examination PE (Sports Studies)

Those students who select to take Physical Education as an examination subject will begin their studies in year 9 and will follow the AQA GCSE Physical Education Syllabus.

This GCSE improves students’ knowledge of different body systems and the impact they have on fitness and performance in physical activity. They will also develop an understanding of how to plan, carry out and monitor a personal exercise programme. In addition, they will learn about the psychological factors that can affect performers in physical activity and sport as well as the social factors that impact on a person physical activity levels and the impact of sport on society.

KS5 Examination PE (Sports Studies)

At KS5 we follow the AQA Physical Education A-level syllabus. The program of study builds on students’ experience from Key Stage 4 and GCSE to enhance their knowledge and increase their understanding of the factors that affect performance and participation in Physical Education. The qualification aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge required for higher education or the world of work.

It also gives students the opportunity to experience and develop an interest in a variety of roles in sport, such as performer or coach.