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School Life

Larkmead is a vibrant school with a rich range of experiences for everyone.  

Fundamentally, each student’s day is filled with engaging lessons where they are challenged, supported and inspired to develop new knowledge and skills that have a long lasting impact. Our classrooms, field, garden, IT and media suites, kitchens, labs, performance spaces, sports areas and workshops and alive with creativity, determination and development.

Students enjoy their social spaces, making the most of the school field at lunch to play sport and meet their friends.

School life is greatly enriched by the wealth of extra activities which provide something for everyone. These include clubs in school, working with our partners at Abingdon School, performances, special events, national and international competitions and the opportunity to work with artists, authors, poets and real-life practitioners.

Our culture of creativity and challenge means that students at Larkmead enjoy opportunities that take them beyond their own experience, changing their lives. You can discover more on these pages.