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Parent Teacher Consultation evenings

Our Parent Teacher Consultation Evenings (PTCEs) represent a hugely beneficial time when you, your child and your child’s teacher can meet and discuss how things are going and the progress being made.  These will primarily be a very positive discussion – if there are ever concerns we will always try and communicate these by email or phonecall more immediately so that they can be addressed quickly.

We highly recommend that all parents attend their child’s PTCE and also that the child also attends.  If you cannot make a PTCE, please let the school office know and email your child’s form tutor to discuss your child’s progress and whether am alternative meeting would be beneficial.  The date of your child’s next PTCE can be looked up on the whole school calendar here.

Prior to the PTCE, a ParentMail will be sent to all parents inviting them to book appointments with their child’s subject teachers.  Bookings are made through the School Cloud and full instructions for how to do this are included in the guide at the bottom of this page.

SchoolCloud can be accessed online ( by clicking the icon above.

If you need any support booking appointments, please follow the instructions in the guide below.  If these do not help, please contact the school office where they will be pleased to assist you.


The Whole School Calendar (linked below) can be used to quickly filter on and view any upcoming events for your child, including PTCEs.  Please click on the link below and ensure that your child's year group is ticked under the "Categories" option at the top of the calendar.