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Mobile Phones

We understand that parents may want their child to have a mobile phone with them for safety reasons as they travel to and from school.

Our policy is that mobile phones should not be in use while students are on the school site, including before and after school, unless their use has been approved by the teacher during that particular lesson. This applies in particular to the practical subjects and visual and performing arts, where students may benefit from being able to film, photograph or record their work so they can review and develop.

Any mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players, etc. that are seen out and/or heard will be confiscated and handed to the main front of school office. The phone will be kept for 7 days at which point a student may collect their property. The property can be collected from the main office before the end of the 7 days although the earliest that a parent can collect the phone is the morning after the day of confiscation.

The school office will send a ParentMail advising parents of the confiscation and the mobile phone will be turned off whilst in possession of the school.

Any student needing to make emergency contact with a parent during the school day can do so by asking their respective Director of Learning for permission. This call can then be made from either the Director of Learning’s office or Students Services. Likewise any parent or carer wishing to contact a student should contact Student Services in the first instance.

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation with the school policy.