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Mobile Phones

We recognise that the mobile phone is an important point of contact and safety for students and their families as they travel to and from school.
Mobile phones can be used only in lessons with the teacher’s approval for a specific purpose to support learning. At all other times phones should be kept in bags and not used on site. This covers the start and the end of the day, including when waiting for buses.  
Any student needing to make emergency contact with a parent during the school day can do so by asking their respective Director of Learning for permission. This call can then be made from either the Director of Learning’s office or Students Services. Likewise any parent or carer wishing to contact a student should contact Student Services in the first instance.
The new sanctions and consequences for being caught using a phone are:  
  1. First offence – phone is confiscated until the end of the day when it can be collected by the student  
  2. Second offence – confiscated until end of the day when it can be collected by the student and the student will receive a Leadership Team Detention 
  3. Third and subsequent offences - confiscation until the end of the day for collection by student, Leadership Team Detention and the phone must be handed in at the start of the day for three days, days rising with each offence 
The new rules mean that a student will not be without their phone at the end of the day, and parents will no longer have to come into school to collect a confiscated phone. The sanctions build up over time, but this should not be an issue for the vast majority of students who follow the simple rules. Thank you for your anticipated co-operation with the school policy.