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Key Stage 3

In Year 7 and 8, students at Larkmead build on their primary school maths, delving deeper into number topics and becoming increasingly familiar with algebra.  We have worked closely with our primary partners to ensure that there is a smooth transition at the start of Year 7, ensuring the right amount of familiarity and the excitement of learning new and advanced maths.  Our curriculum follows a mastery approach to learning, ensuring that topics are mastered before moving on to new topics.  We have carefully designed the learning journey to constantly review and build on previous learning.  In this way, material learned one year is retained throughout school and hopefully beyond.

Year 9 Transition

The Year 9 transition scheme of work is designed to act as a bridge between KS3 and GCSE.  Of course, the Maths GCSE includes maths learned all through a child’s education but the style of our teaching in Year 9 helps to build towards the GCSE qualification at the end of Y11.  We cover increasingly challenging topics including a large focus on algebraic graphs.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, students build on what has already been learned in Years 7-9 but with an increasing focus on the GCSE content.  Due to having a Higher and Foundation tier to the GCSE exam, we will discuss with students early on which tier will support them best and to some extent this determines the curriculum.  However, the principles of our curriculum apply to all levels of maths and we not only want to ensure that our students achieve well in their exams, but importantly that they enjoy learning maths.

Key Stage 5

Mathematics is a highly regarded subject and develops a unique view of the world. A great sense of achievement is gained from the mastery of its interesting and sophisticated skills.

Our students study Pure, Statistics and Mechanics in both Year 12 and Year 13.

Private study is an essential part of the course and homework will take at least six hours a week. We assess the progress of students regularly to ensure they are well supported.  Mathematics is a challenging but very rewarding subject to take at A-Level.

Mathematical techniques including problem solving are valued in a wide range of vocational areas from Business to Engineering. AS/A Level Mathematics is a desirable prerequisite qualification for many higher education courses such as Science, Finance, Psychology and Business Management.