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Learning Experience

The Larkmead Learning Journey – Our curriculum 

Our curriculum reflects our school values and is rooted in the personal progress and growth of our students, through-out their learning journey at Larkmead. 

The purpose of our curriculum: 

“Our learning community reflects a culture of ambition and aspiration for all, where confidence is created through celebration and challenge, where students acquire knowledge in a way which develops skills and helps them to achieve their individual potential.

Our curriculum and pastoral programmes deliver our school values; individual minds, one community, creating futures. It provides outstanding learning opportunities which prepare students for the next steps of their learning journey.”

We have sequenced the development of skills pupils will acquire, to give them a clear progression through each stage of their school life enabling them to be successful, ready for their next step and thrive as individuals. 

What does the Larkmead Learning Journey look like:

Year 7 & 8 – Key Stage 3

Text Box: In Year 7 and 8, our curriculum captures, fosters and develops the enjoyment of learning in a safe and caring, accessible and inclusive community, ensuring our students create secure foundations for their futures: characterised by resilience, courage and curiosity.

Year 9 – Gateway year to GCSEs

Text Box: In Year 9, our curriculum provides a gateway, continuing to ensure breadth and depth in the learning experience, embedding confident understanding, recall and application, growing cultural capital and ensuring students are ambitious and resilient.

Year 10 & 11 – Key Stage 4
Text Box: In Year 10 and 11, our curriculum fosters resilience and independence, deepening our students’ knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of their studies, developing their learning skills, securing aspirational outcomes and ambitious destinations.

Year 12 & 13 – Key Stage 5

Text Box: In the sixth form, our curriculum guides, supports and inspires all students in their further studies, embracing the challenge of learning in greater depth, building on the independent study skills learnt and embedded at GCSE and adopting an ambitious A level mind-set that fully equips them for their next steps.