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Expectations For Success

Our shared expectations for success:  Our three simple rules for everyone at Larkmead are to be Ready, Respectful and Safe.  This approach supports everyone’s happiness, learning and success. These values will develop your character, the qualities that make you a good person, a good friend and will set you up for the future. Ready, respectful and safe embodies our shared ethos of ‘one community, individual minds, creating futures’.




As a successful Larkmead student I…

Why this is important

How I can achieve this






individual minds




creating futures

...try my best and develop my learning capacity

You will enjoy the sense of pride that you have tried your best and worked hard in and out of class. Your learning capacity is your ability to learn, and you can develop this all the time. Nothing is ‘fixed’.

...have the right equipment

You will make the most of every experience by arriving at school with everything you need for the day: your pencil case, books, reading book, sports kit etc.

...take pride in my presentation

Wearing the correct uniform is an expression of self-respect and shows that you are ready to work and learn. It’s a great habit for later life.

...attend school

Attendance is a key part of participation, which leads to progress. Aim for attendance of above 95%. punctual

Being on time for school and lessons shows respect for yourself and others. You will make the most of each day and experience.

...have a positive attitude

Trying new things helps us to learn and develop. It’s ok to make mistakes, because that’s how you develop the resilience and grit to turn ‘yet’ into ‘yes!’.

...complete homework

Give the task set your best shot and hand it in on time. Speak to your teacher if you are finding things hard or if you need more of a challenge.  

...embrace opportunities

At Larkmead there is a whole world of exciting new knowledge and skills to learn, opportunities to embrace and challenges to meet. Taking part in and out of class and trying something new will help you to make your ambition your special mission.  











one community

...respect myself

At Larkmead everyone matters and makes a difference. You can be proud that you are part of something special and you are special too. Make sure you can answer the question ‘What have you done today to be a better you?’

...respect our school community

Meeting our shared standards respects everyone and our school environment. Valuing individuality, diversity and differences makes us a happy, inclusive and vibrant school.

...respect the wider community

Doing the right thing and playing an active, positive part in our local and global community shows your own pride and self-respect. It gives the community pride in Larkmead School.





one community

...demonstrate good behaviour

Being responsible for your own actions means you will develop self-confidence, do yourself proud and achieve your potential. Your example contributes to a positive culture for everyone.

...make good behaviour choices

Staying safe during the school day, off the school site and on social media depends on making sensible, informed choices and doing the right thing. Treat other people as you would wish to be treated, with care, respect and dignity.

...will be secure and successful in later life

You are an important member of one community, where you can be yourself as an individual and you are creating a very bright future.