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Key Stage 3

Drama enables students to explore, develop and express ideas and concepts which will help them make sense of reality.

Drama is a life skill and a creative art form.  It helps students develop their ability to use voice, movement, gesture and facial expression, in acting, mime, dance drama and improvisation.  They can express and manage their thoughts and feelings – shared and experienced – while working in a safe and controlled environment.  The development of these skills encourages self-confidence and self-awareness.  It promotes the development of the individual in a group context: roles and ideas are negotiated, problems solved and decisions made together.

Key Stage 4  

What will my child learn in Drama?

Drama is an energetic course that explores different drama skills.

Students will be able to work practically through Improvisation and Scripted performances

They will have the opportunity work imaginatively and creatively in group settings, exploring and developing & communicating ideas

Students will perform in front of an audience. They will:

learn how to develop character using vocal and movement skills
read through a variety of scripts and take them to performance
learn how to take a script from page to stage
learn how create and develop your own pieces of drama / improvisation
learn how to research into a script or theme and develop your knowledge of the cultural and historical context
learn how to evaluate your own and others performances and develop them for presentation
learn about character, improvisation, devised thematic work, theatre in education.
Students may also choose to learn about the technical side of drama eg: lighting and set/costume design

How is Drama taught?

This is largely a practical course; Students will learn to experiment with a variety of different performance skills

Students will be expected to research into a variety of different topics relating to their performance pieces

Key Stage 5

What will my child learn in A-Level Performing Arts?

A practical based vocational course in the Performing Arts which allows you to specialise in dance, drama or technical production skills; lighting, sound and stage management, or a mixture.

You have the opportunity to develop your skills either as performer or technician. You will learn about the theatre, other performance venues, production and design companies and job roles within the arts. As a performer/ technician you evaluate your present skills and look to develop these further. As a dancer you attend a variety of different technique classes and explore these techniques in performance, as well as exploring the physical anatomy of a dancer. In drama you will develop your movement and vocal skills in order to create character; you will have the opportunity to create your own pieces as well as performing different play texts. As a technician you will develop your skills in lighting, sound and stage management.

Throughout the course your acquired knowledge and skills is showcased in a number of performances both in schools, college and within the local community.