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Behaviour expectations

Our high standards and expectations for all students were recognised by Ofsted in 2019, who confirmed that “pupils behave very well at the school. They are kind and respectful towards each other and their teachers.”

Behaviour Expectations at Larkmead are built around three key words: Ready, Respectful and Safe, which have the aim of supporting students in achieving the best academic and personal outcomes that they can.

Being Ready includes:

  • working hard and developing their learning capacity
  • being appropriately equipped
  • being well presented
  • attending school
  • being punctual
  • having a positive attitude
  • completing homework
  • taking opportunities

Being Respectful includes:

  • respecting themselves
  • respecting the school community
  • being polite to staff and other students
  • doing as asked by all staff
  • treating school and others’ property with care
  • respecting the wider community

Being Safe includes:

  • demonstrating good behaviour
  • making good behaviour choices
  • acting sensibly in and around school
  • following the school rules
  • obeying subject-specific health and safety instructions
  • being sensible when online
  • being secure and successful in later life

Basing our behaviour policy around these three key rules simplifies our approach and allows our discussions with students to focus on the correct behaviour rather than the rule being broken.

Our expectations of students are made clear in the Student Expectations document.

In the classroom, a student’s attitude to learning is key to their and their peer’s success. To support this, students and their teachers are asked to assess their attitude to learning on a regular basis.

A student’s attitude to learning forms an important part of the school’s rewards system. Students are rewarded on a points system for a positive attitude to learning, good attendance and making a positive contribution to the school and wider community. Students and their teachers should regularly use the How Good is my Commitment to Learning document to assess their attitude to learning in the classroom.