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Dear parents and carers

It has been great to have Year 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13 in Larkmead over the course of Monday and Tuesday, with the rota plans continuing on Wednesday – Friday as previously shared.

Year 12 will be on site for the remainder of this week. Year 13 will be directed to remote learning for Thursday and Friday. Details have been shared with the students directly.

While the catering company will be able to offer cold food at lunchtime to those students in school, it has not yet been possible for them to introduce hot food. We will keep students and parents informed of any developments in this area.

A great deal is going on to put in place an initial solution to the significant problem with our boiler house that continues to impact heating and hot water in the majority of the school.

The generator installed on-site by the electricity board has been cutting out for periods of time over Tuesday and now into Wednesday. The electricity board are aware, have attended the site each time and are on site working on things at the time of writing this message. Loss of electricity impacts those teaching areas as well as our internet, IT systems and phones. Contingency plans are being developed. We apologise for any impact on communication to the school and on remote learning.

We have a meeting with the insurance team on Thursday, after which we will be able to provide an update for the week beginning Monday 22 January.

We do appreciate the positive messages from families, alongside the patience and adaptability of students, staff, parents and carers. We will keep you informed as things develop. If you have any questions then please do get in contact with the school.

Best wishes

Jonathan Dennett