Lunchtime Arrangements

At the beginning of the school year, you will be asked to indicate what lunchtime arrangements you would prefer for your child. There is a cash restaurant which provides a variety of dishes at competitive prices. Free lunches are available to children whose parents receive Income Support, Job Seekers, Immigration and Asylum Act and Child Tax Credit (dependent on income). Please make sure you apply in good time. Forms can be obtained from the School Office.

Students may bring a packed lunch and eat it in rooms designated for this purpose. They are expected to tidy the room. Except for the Sixth Form, students may not leave the premises without the special permission of their Director of Learning or the Key Stage Coordinator.

All Year groups have a social space for use during lunchtime but students should remain in their own social space and not wander around the buildings. Whenever the weather permits, students are encouraged to be outside in the fresh air. Details of the rooms available are explained at the start of the year and students are expected to use these areas responsibly.