Exams & Curriculum Data Information

Public exams can be a stressful time for students and parents/carers and it is important that all those involved are as well informed as possible. The school will make every effort to ensure that our students receive the best possible preparation for their exams and that the administrative arrangements run smoothly to help our students achieve their best.

The NHS have issued some helpful information on helping your child cope with exam stress, click here to view.

We have included some useful information together with the official Exam Board notices below that you can download. Please don’t hesitate to contact us during school hours if you have any queries.

The curriculum data team are responsible for managing the tracking reports that students receive three times a school year. In years 7 – 11 reports will be given out to students in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms (excluding Yr 11 from the summer who receive their final report late spring).

Contact Information

Exams & Curriculum Data Office number: 01235 544843
Exams Manager: Clare Harding – Email Clare
Curriculum Data Manager: Ceri Green  Email Ceri

Exams Results Collection

In line with the new GDPR laws, if you are unable to collect your exam results and want to nominate someone else to collect them we must have the following: A signed letter or email from you which states who you are nominating to collect the results. This person must carry ID with them. Without identification or your nomination, we cannot handover your results to anyone else.

For Summer 2020, A level and AS examination results will be available for collection from the Learning Resource Base and Sixth Form on Thursday 13th August at pre-arranged times from 8am – 10am.

For Summer 2020, GCSE results will be available for collection from the Learning Resource Base and Hall on Thursday 20th August at pre-arranged times from 10am -12pm

No Mobile Phones in Exams

Coping with Exam Pressure - A Guide for Students

Coping with Exam Stress - View or Download the Guide

Personal Data

Please note that in order to process exam entries to awarding bodies Larkmead School will pass on personal data, including name, date of birth and gender for the purpose of examining and awarding qualifications to the exam boards. In turn awarding bodies may be required to provide a candidate’s personal data to educational agencies such as DfE, UCAS and Local Authorities. Additionally, candidate’s personal data may be provided to a central record of qualifications approved by the awarding bodies for statistical and policy development purposes. Awarding bodies maintain a comprehensive archive record of candidate’s results for a minimum of forty years.

Publishing of Results

In line with the  ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) Education and Families guidelines Larkmead School will issue the following statement to pupils, parents and guardians on a yearly basis via Parent Mail. This will be at the start of each academic year and will be requested by the Exams Manager. A copy of the statement will also be publish all year round on the ‘Exams & Curriculum’ page of the Larkmead School website.

The information gathered from school external examination results (currently GCSE and A Level) will be published in the following areas:

  • The Larkmead School website has a dedicated page to exam results. This lists the results by qualification in alphabetical order. Ebacc and Progress 8 results are also published on this page. Those students who have excellent achievement and results are named and photographed. The webpage has a link to the results which are on the government school comparison site. https://www.larkmead-school.com/exam-results/
  • Larkmead School send headline GCE & A level results to the local press. They may also be tweeted on the school Twitter feed.
  • Larkmead School is one of three schools in a 6th Form Consortium, Abingdon Consortium of Further Education (ACFE). The A Level results are shared with key staff in the ACFE
  • ACFE publish headline results on their website. They also name and photograph those students who have gained excellent achievement and results. https://acfe.co.uk/
  • A Level results are shared internally with all staff involved with ACFE.

GCSE and A Level results are shared amongst staff on results days, this is followed up with a more detailed analysis in the Autumn Term from a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

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