The curriculum at Larkmead is continually developing to offer an engaging, enjoyable and exciting range of subjects and experiences for all students. In Key Stage 4 the Options system has been expanded to enable students to follow the courses that best suit their learning styles, enthusiasms and career aspirations. Students can follow a traditional academic route, take on a wider range of practical subjects, make the most of our school’s Arts specialism or select from an increasing number of new courses, including ICT and Media. In Key Stage 3 students are taught in ability bands based on information from Primary schools, allowing us to offer appropriate levels of challenge and support, targeting resources, strategies and courses to focus on the individual needs of each student to help them succeed.

SAT results show the very impressive work that takes place in Key Stage 3 at Larkmead, and new courses and strategies encourage all students to develop further at this important stage. We continue to review the curriculum offered to students at Larkmead, building upon existing good practice and looking at the challenges and opportunities that may face our students in the future. Our curriculum takes into account the local and national context, maintaining at its heart the principle of individualised learning, offering the very best and most appropriate experience for each student.

It is underpinned by the following principles:

  • A stimulating curriculum encourages enjoyment through engagement
  • The structure and delivery of the curriculum should be flexible and adaptable
  • The curriculum should enable everyone to flourish and achieve in many ways
  • The curriculum makes students aware of the power of responsibility
  • Education is for life