Charging for Activities

The school has a strong tradition of visits and residential work in a wide range of areas, for example, curricular fieldwork, outward bound activities, foreign exchange and theatre visits.  The Education Act allows for the charging of board and lodging costs.  Travel, entry to places of interest, etc. must be a voluntary contribution by parents.

However, we trust that parents will want their son/daughter to participate and so make the voluntary contribution as funds available for subsidy are extremely limited and trips will have to be cancelled if costs cannot be covered.  School will always try to help where families are in receipt of Family Income Supplement or Supplementary Benefit, and as always, such matters will be treated discreetly and in confidence.

External examination fees represent a sizable proportion of the budget and students are entered on the advice of their teachers, at no cost to the parent.  The Education Act allows us to recover from parents ‘wasted fees’ i.e. where a student fails to complete coursework requirements or fails to sit an examination without good reason.  Similarly, parents may be asked to pay the cost of breakages or damages that result from misbehaviour.