Who's Who?

School Leadership Team

Mr Chris Harris – Headteacher
Ms Liz Watkins – Assistant Headteacher Key Stage 3
Mr Lionel Crowe – Assistant Headteacher Key Stage 4 & 5
Mr Ed Carlin – Assistant Headteacher
Mr Rich Evans – Assistant Headteacher

Directors of Learning

Mrs R Webster – Year 7
Mr D Morris – Year 8
Mr G Williams – Year 9
Mrs A Screen – Year 10
Mr J Adams – Year 11
Miss J Dering – Year 12/13


Year 7

Miss Rachel Elston
Miss Beth Hewitt
Mr Sam McKavanagh
Miss Stacey Seigel
Miss Helen Simmons

Year 8

Mrs F Crews
Miss Munashe Makumborenga
Miss G McAuley
Miss L McLoone
Mr J Williams

Year 9

Mrs Helen Holme
Miss Sam Holmes
Mrs S Panzer
Mr N Quelch
Ms L Scarff

Year 10

Mr P Butler
Miss S Gillaizeau
Mrs P Hardy
Mr M Hiorns
Mr S Waggott

Year 11

Mr R Cole
Mr I Law
Ms L Midwinter
Ms A Newborough
Miss C Rees
Ms Emma Worthy

Year 12/13

Ms A Phillips
Mrs L Ritchie
Mrs A Seath
Miss Susan Smyth
Mrs Charlie Speke
Mr H Stevens

Teaching Staff by Department


Miss N Cave – Head of Faculty
Ms S Power – Deputy Head of Faculty
Mrs M Godliman – Head of Media Studies
Mrs L Carlin – Teacher
Ms S Douglas-Boyd – Teacher
Mrs M Knott – Teacher
Mrs A Morgan – Teacher
Miss J Pospieszalski – Teacher
Miss H Simmons – Teacher


Mr N Whiting – Head of Faculty
Miss A Newborough – Deputy Head of Faculty
Mr E Carlin – Teacher
Ms S Clark – Teacher
Miss J Dering – Teacher
Miss L McLoone – Teacher
Mrs S Panzer – Teacher


Mrs C Hussey – Head of Faculty
Mrs L Ritchie – Deputy Head of Faculty
Miss R Elston – Teacher
Miss S Holmes – Teacher
Miss L Scarff – Teacher
Mrs R Webster – Teacher

Design & Technology

Mr H Stevens – Head of Faculty
Mr S Waggott – Deputy Head of Faculty
Miss Elliott – Teacher
Miss B Hewitt – Teacher


Mr J Williams – Head of Faculty
Miss C Rees – Head of Department (Geography)
Ms R Chamberlain – Head of Department (History)
Mr J Adams – Teacher (History)
Mr R Cole – Teacher (History)
Mr Lionel Crowe – Teacher (History)
Miss M Makumborenga – Teacher (History)
Mrs Rachel Everett – Teacher (Geography)
Mrs A Screen – Teacher (Geography)

ICT & Business Studies

Mr P Butler – Head of Faculty
Mr R Evans – Teacher
Mr G Williams – Teacher

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs A Seath – Head of Faculty
Miss S Gillaizeau – Deputy Head of Faculty
Mr N Quelch – Teacher

Physical Education

Mrs H Holme – Head of Faculty
Mrs V Roper – Deputy Head of Faculty
Mr M Hiorns – Teacher
Mr G Williams – Teacher

Visual & Performing Arts

Ms A Phillips – Head of Faculty
Miss G McAuley – Head of Department (Music)
Mr D Morris – Head of Department (Drama)
Mrs C Speke – Head of Department (Dance)
Miss S Hunter – Teacher (Art)
Miss J Tiley – Teacher (Art)
Miss S Seigel – Teacher (Dance)

SEN & Pastoral Support


Mrs P Hardy – SEN Co-ordinator
Mrs J Barnard – HLTA
Mrs F Crewes – HLTA
Mrs C Hopgood – HLTA
Mrs E Worthy – HLTA
Mrs L Chambers – TA
Mrs J Fear – TA
Miss C Hopgood – TA
Mrs R Kelly – TA
Kath McDermott – Hearing Resource Base

Pastoral Support

Mrs C Hoyle – Pastoral Support Department Manager
Miss K Beedles – Learning Mentor

Support Staff by Department


Mrs R Howson – Office Manager
Mrs S Hollington – Admin Assistant
Mrs S Sousa – Admin Assistant
Mrs L Carter – Attendance Officer
Mrs J Smith – Admin Assistant (Student Services)
Mrs R Upright – Admin (Events)
Mrs S Box – Reprographics Manager

PA Office
Miss S Duggan – PA to Headteacher


Mrs C Christiansen – Careers Lead


Mrs T Palfrey – Catering Supervisor
Mrs J Baldwin – Catering Assistant
Mrs P Scott – Catering Assisitant

Cover Office

Ms L Midwinter – Cover Manager
Mrs V Owen – Cover Supervisor
Mrs B Kociolkowska – Cover Supervisor

Exams & Data Office

Mrs R Dennett – Exams Manager
Mrs R Bygrave – Exams Assistant
Mrs C Green – Curriculum Data Manager


Ms J MacTavish – Finance Manager

ICT Support

Mr G Townsend – ICT Network Manager
Mrs K Francomb – ICT Support Technician

Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

Mrs L Stone – LRC Manager
Mrs V Lay – LRC Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs T Sandall – Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr R Bricknell – Lunchtime Supervisor

Site & Cleaning

Mr J Kendrick – Site Manager
Mr C Fouracre – Site Supervisor
Mr S Kandiah – Site Supervisor
Mr B Humphries – Grounds Cleaner

MrsK Froud – Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs P Busby – Cleaner
Mr Z Yang – Cleaner


Design & Technology

Mr P Yaxley – Technician
Mrs H Olive – Technician


Mrs H Cox – Technician
Mrs K Dodgson – Technician
Mrs J Wiggins – Technician
Mrs L Willett – Technician