Welcome Back – School Update

Welcome Back

A very big welcome to all our students and their parents, carers and guardians and a particular welcome to those starting with us at Larkmead for the first time and an enormous congratulations to students and staff and parents for producing fantastic results, the best we have ever achieved at both A-Level and GCSE.

These results, as I have already explained on the website, are the result of tremendous hard work from students and staff and tremendous skill from both and the enduring support from you their parents, carers and guardians.

As a community we can be truly proud of what we have achieved and for the next group of students taking exams these results give school and students alike the confidence that we can be an outstanding school.

In the midst of our success we suffered two completely unexpected events: a lightning strike on the main school building and a fire in the sports hall a few days later.

Both of these events, despite early signs to the contrary have caused considerable damage.  The sports hall will be out of action until January at the earliest. The good news is that the insurers have accepted liability and the sports hall will be completely refurbished to an exciting and modern standard.  In the meantime we will use our extensive games playing fields and other areas and these will be sufficient to maintain our full programme of physical education.

We still have the gym and the new multi-use games area and we are working with our local neighbours, to fill in the gaps.  We are extremely grateful to St Helens and St Katherine who have offered us some slots in their facilities.

In many ways the lightning strike is more difficult to manage as the full effects only become apparent as we use more of our systems in school.  Once again the insurers have been fantastic and we have electricians here permanently checking all of the systems and replacing any hardware, such as computers, that have become faulty. We are confident that the replacements and system management will again put us in a modern and efficient state once the whole process in complete.

In the meantime learning does not stop.  A key learning behaviour for us as a school is resilience and it is being called into use on a daily basis. We are able to celebrate the great exam results whilst illustrating to students the learning behaviours that are needed for success.

We will keep you updated as we move through the process and I look forward to informing you of that progress and our progress towards an even better set of results at the end of the year.

Best wishes
Mr C Harris