Students learn Music through the interrelated skills of performing, composing, listening and appraising. They sing, play keyboards, percussion, guitars and Ukulele’s and use Sibelius to record and notate their compositions. All students’ performances and compositions are recorded by video or audio as a permanent record of their progress and achievements. All students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities including choir, orchestra, ukulele ensemble, Larkmead Beats Samba Drumming club and smaller ensembles. Students have many opportunities to showcase their musical talents in assemblies, concerts, recitals, school productions (as an actor or musician in the show band) and joint concerts with other schools in the local area.

In Year 7, students develop an understanding of musical elements, musical notation and vocabulary. They learn basic keyboard skills, create several group compositions and participate in whole class singing and instrumental solo/ensemble performing including keyboards, percussion and Ukulele’s. Students also study the instruments of the Orchestra.

In Year 8, students develop a greater understanding of harmony, demonstrated through both performing and composing. Students study a variety of music including Gustav Holst’s ‘The Planets’ and The Blues, and in particular develop their composing skills, using Sibelius to notate their work.

In Year 9 students are encouraged to further develop their instrumental and singing skills in preparation for GCSE Music through the Arts Award qualification. They use music technology to realise their work which prepares them for the composing element of GCSE including Sibelius. They develop their performing, composing and understanding of various styles including Film music, 20th century and Reggae.

In Year 10 students explore four areas of study which link theoretical work to performing – as a soloist and within an ensemble – and composing: My Music, Shared Music, Music for Dance, Film and Programme Music.

In Year 11 students develop more substantial compositions as coursework and polished performances.

In Year 12/13 students explore composing techniques in greater depth and analyse set works in detail. Students also develop their musical understanding in theory through technical studies and perform in recitals on their chosen instrument.

Music/Singing Lessons

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Music Clubs

Larkmead Voices

If you enjoy singing join the choir!

When | Monday lunchtime

Where | MPR

Who | All Years

Exam Support Sessions

GCSE Music students support in composition, listening and performing assessments

When | Tuesday Lunchtime

Where | MPR

Who | GCSE Music Students

Larkmead Orchestra

If you play an instrument and love making music join our orchestra and take part in school concerts

When | Wednesday Lunchtime

Where | MPR

Who | All Years

Samba Band

If you enjoy drumming come and use our amazing new Samba drums

When | Thursday  Lunchtime

Where | MPR

Who | All Years