Drama is a subject important for the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of children; it can promote self-expression, build self-confidence, enhance creativity and encourage co-operation, thus being of vital importance for the social education of young people. Drama also gives the opportunity for students who are often underachievers in other subjects or who have learning difficulties, a chance to succeed and express themselves in a different and more accessible form whilst generally encouraging individual thought, communication and inter-personal skills.

Drama is a participatory and co-operative art form encouraging students to be effective negotiators, communicators, group members and devisers. The Drama curriculum at Larkmead encourages collaborative work between students of all abilities and uses a variety of tasks to develop skills in working independently and in different sized teams.

Apart from involving and developing the aesthetic qualities and skills, Drama allows students to explore issues and emotions through different role plays and situations. Reflection, self and peer evaluation all allow an individual to consider different attitudes to these events a quality and skill that can be used across the curriculum. The subject develops an individual’s spiritual, moral and social awareness as well as an awareness of our own and other cultures. It also enhances self-confidence, encouraging them to develop speaking and listening skills. Drama is one key way to promote a positive image of the school for existing students and parents and also for prospective students and parents.

The Drama curriculum at Larkmead offers a diverse and well-rounded education where elements of text, improvisation, theatre genres, topical issues, drama and design techniques are all addressed. Thus, by the time the students choose their GCSE options, they have a working knowledge and understanding of what Drama involves, possessing the tools they require to develop work successfully at KS4. For those students who do not opt for Drama in KS4, the KS3 Drama course develops the inter-personal, communicative and co-operative skills needed for other GCSE subjects and life beyond the school.

The Larkmead Drama curriculum is developmental, allowing students to return to and readdress the elements of Drama throughout KS3. It gives an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge of Drama skills, whilst encouraging an understanding of the nature of the subject.

Drama Clubs

Drama Club

If you love to act come and develop you skills in improvisation and script work. A great chance to build on work in class, developing imagination and confidence.

When | Yr 7 Tuesday Lunchtime | Yr 8 & 9 Wednesday Lunchtime

Where | Drama Studio

Who | Years 7, 8 & 9


Larkmead School’s Theatre Company gives you the opportunity to create your own performing arts work and develop performance skills

When | Tuesday after school

Where | Drama Studio

Who | Years 9 – 13

The D Den

A place for Drama students to work on drama pieces, get support and advice on the course, develop directing, devising, performing skills

When | Thursday Lunchtime & Thursday after school, Friday morning 8-8:45am before school

Where | Drama Studio

Who | Year 10 & 11 GCSE Drama Students

Tech Club

Learn how to do lighting and sound for school productions & events

When | Wednesday after school

Where | Drama Studio

Who | Year 8, 9 & 10

To Join | Email: e.smith@larkmead.oxon.sch.uk