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Art & Design Clubs

Students develop visual awareness, creative problem solving and independent thinking. During KS3 students develop their creativity and imagination using a range of media and processes. We help students engage with art, craft and design in the contemporary world and from different times and cultures.

Art in Year 7 is designed to develop the pupil’s interest and enjoyment through exploring a range of 2 and 3D materials. The units cover the Formal Elements , Landscape and an imaginative unit- ‘Fantastic and Strange’.

Art in Year 8 reinforces and builds on skills and knowledge from year 7. The three units encompass a Cultural Project, Objects and Viewpoints and the Human Figure. There are opportunities for collaborative work in all units.

Art in Year 9 focuses on a more personal and individual response to the units. In the drawing project students’ research, develop ideas, renew and modify in the way of GCSE. The ‘Individual Art Investigation’ develops critical thinking. ‘Environment’ encourages personal opinion.

In Year 10 the GCSE course enables students to develop an enquiring mind capable of exploring concepts and developing a personal response. The portfolio unit includes an introductory experimental project where students experience new techniques and media under the theme ‘Surfaces’

In Year 11 the portfolio extended project ‘identity’ involves sustained research and development of ideas towards a personal conclusion. The Exam unit brings together all the skills from the course leading to an independently researched outcome on a set theme.

In Year 12/13 the portfolio unit is research and development on a more in depth scale. In year 12 the theme is ‘encounters’ and in yr 13 students choose their own theme. Students have the opportunity to take an extra life drawing course and in year 13 they have a written Personal Study to support their practical work.

Art Club

If you love art and crafts come and take part in exciting art projects

When | Thursday Lunchtime

Where | Room A2

Who | Year 7 , 8 & 9

Art Masterclass

For anyone considering doing a degree in Fine Art

When | Thursday after school

Where | Room A3

Who | Year 11, 12 & 13

‘Trash to Fash’

Design and make cool clothes and accessories by up-cycling old clothes

When | Tuesday Lunchtime

Where | Room A2

Who | All Years

Sewing Bee

Make simple garments with pattern cutting and using sewing machines

When | every second Wednesday lunchtime

Where | Room A3

Who | Year 10 – 13


If you love taking photos come and get creative with photography projects, competitions and exhibitions

When | Friday lunchtime

Where | Room A3

Who | All Years

To Join | Email: