We believe that high standards of dress promote high standards of work and behaviour. The co-operation of all parents is requested to ensure that students are in correct uniform at all times. Please ensure that extremes of fashion are avoided.

The new uniform process has been completed, full details and how to purchase uniform are communicated below. Please note that our P.E. kit will not change and details of our P.E. kit can be found below.

For your information Larkmead School has gone into partnership with Southeast Workwear Ltd who have become the School’s approved and sole school uniform supplier from that date. The benefits of this arrangement are that parents/carers will be able to visit either the store or the online shop to buy their child’s school uniform all year round rather than only when the school is open and the administrative staff of the school will be able to focus more on providing administrative support to the teachers. It will allow Southeast Workwear Ltd to provide the local community with an additional (Larkmead) range of products to their already extensive range.

Parents can be assured that the competitive school uniform prices will remain the same, as will the product quality on which the school has always prided itself, as any changes to selling price or specification of uniform items must be agreed between Larkmead School and Southeast Workwear Ltd in advance of any such change.

School Uniform

The school uniform will continue to be stocked by our suppliers, the Warehouse. The uniform features a V neck jumper and cardigan and either may be worn by students. This does bring the school tie into focus a little more and our expectation is that student will wear a tie that has a sensible sized knot, which must be pushed up to the top button and the top button must be done up.


The policy on trousers for either gender; they should be plain black tailored trousers without decoration. This means that fashion trousers, chinos, jeans or ‘skinny trousers’, with decorative buttons on the front, exposed zips and studded pockets must not be worn.

Shirts, jumpers and cardigans

School shirts  for both genders; they should wear plain white long or short sleeved, with a collar buttoning to the neck and tucked in at all times. Students should not be wearing a non-school uniform sweat shirt, ‘hoodie’ or similar over their school shirt and tie. Only a school cardigan or jumper may be worn over a shirt and tie. Neither cardigans nor jumpers should be tucked into trousers or skirts.

Summer Alternative Uniform (Term 5 and 6 only – optional)

  • Shirt – white polo with Larkmead logo (collar down, may be worn outside of trousers)
  • Knee-length shorts/Three-quarter length trousers – plain black tailored, not jeans or fashion or sports


Footwear; shoes must be plain black, sturdy and cover the whole foot so that good protection of the foot is guaranteed in subjects like Design & Technology. Trainers, trainers made to look like school shoes, sandals, pumps or canvas shoes are not permitted. Boots should not be worn by either girls or boys

Skirts and Skirt length

The school policy on skirts is that they should be black, knee length and without decoration.  (For guidance purposes skirts should not be a shorter than 4 inches or 10 centimetres above the knee)


The policy on piercings, students are permitted to wear a pair of simple stud earrings, and nothing else is permitted. Consequently, if any student is contemplating having their nose, lips, eyebrows or tongues pierced, they should only do so, if they can be sure that the piercing can be removed before term starts.

Make –up

The schools’ policy is clear, make up should not be worn, this rule exists in part to save time debating who should be allowed to wear it, how much is appropriate? That said there is a real desire to meet students half way and allow discreet make up. The definition of discreet will be made clear to students both verbally and through pictures, and the decision of what is discreet will be decided on by a student’s Director of Learning & tutor.


On the current trend of shaving off eyebrows and replacing them with stencilled or false eyebrows, this is not permitted; please do not allow your child to do this. Where this has happened we will permit a short period of grace, in order for eyebrows to grow back

Aprons – a navy Woodworker’s type apron* for use in Art and Design and Technology.
For Food Technology any type of apron may be worn except that worn for the heavier crafts.

P.E Kit

– Boys Shorts – black with gold side panels*
– Girls Skorts – black with gold side panels*
– Sports Shirt – black with gold side panels*
– Rugby Shirt – black with gold side panels*
– Sports trainers – plain
– Hockey or Football boots
– Hockey or Football socks – * long plain black
– Shin pads

If students wish to wear tracksuit bottoms during the winter terms, these should be purchased from The Warehouse via our uniform shop link below.  P.E. staff can answer any other questions about P.E kit.

Please note – there is no difference between boys and girls P.E. kit.
In line with recommendations from the Rugby Football Union and the Hockey Association, we encourage students to wear a mouth guard when involved in these sports either in lessons or competitive games. Mouth guards can be purchased from P.E. Department.
All students wear full uniform until the end of Year 11. In the Sixth Form there is no uniform, but we expect high standards of dress, suitable for the working environment. Leisurewear is inappropriate.
Parents may purchase articles of school uniform (except ties, Larkmead sweatshirts and P.E. kit marked * above) from any supplier, providing styles, materials and colours are adhered to. In all cases of doubt, please consult the school before purchase.
All clothing, including outdoor coats and P.E. kit, must be clearly and permanently named. It is virtually impossible to trace unnamed items.
Items marked * must be purchased from The Warehouse via our uniform shop link below.

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