Travelling to School

Coaches and buses: These are normally provided for students living more than 3 miles from the school and the details of pick-up points and times are given to individual students.  For safety reasons students must travel on the coach to which they have been allocated and they should use the safety belts provided.  Students will be issued with a bus pass which should be carried at all times.  Bus drivers are entitled to refuse to transport students who are not able to show an appropriate pass.  A high standard of behaviour is expected of all students in their journeys to and from school. School rules of behaviour apply on the coaches and at all collection points.  Serious offenders may be banned from the use of this transport.  In such cases parents must make alternative travel arrangements for their children.

Late buses are available for students who take part in after-school clubs and activities on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  All buses leave from the bus park at the front of school.  Members of staff supervise this area after school and all students must follow their instructions in the interest of everyone’s safety.

Cycles: Many students choose to cycle to school.  Bicycle sheds are provided, which are locked during the school day and while the school will take all reasonable precautions, it must be clearly understood that no liability is accepted for cycles or their fittings.  A few simple rules apply to ensure the security of bicycles and the safety of students who cycle to school.

Security: all bicycles must be locked and left in the allocated areas.  Students should keep a record of details of their cycle, including the frame number.  Cycles should not be lent to other students.  Only students with cycles should go into the bike sheds and they should not loiter in these areas.

Safety: Cycles must be roadworthy and will be safety checked at the beginning of each year.  Cycles which pass will be marked with a numbered sticky label which are checked regularly.  All students are encouraged to wear a cycle helmet (and receive a reduction in the cost of hiring a locker if they do so).  Cycles must not be ridden in the school grounds. Students should follow staff directions when leaving the site.  The exit to the school is a stop junction.  Cycles must be ridden carefully and in accordance with the Highway Code.  Unsafe cycling will result in withdrawal of permission to bring a cycle to school.

Walking: Faringdon Road is extremely busy and all pedestrians must cross where they can be supervised by the School Crossing Patrol.

Parents’ Cars: For reasons of safety, because of the considerable volume of traffic entering and leaving the school, parents’ cars should not wait outside the main exit, in the main internal roadways or in the car park of the neighbouring school.  Parents collecting students at the end of the school day should do so from the main playground and not leave until the bell at 15:20 is sounded.  Parents are asked to strictly maintain the 5mph speed limit in the interest of the safety of all students.

The only students permitted to bring motor vehicles on to site are those in the Sixth Form  – application to do so should be made to the Head of Sixth Form.