Key Stage 3 - Year 9

The SkillForce programme for Year 9 students at Larkmead offers our young people the chance to undertake an alternative curriculum that will help support them both vocationally, and academically. The tool used to deliver this programme is the ASDAN Bronze award. This award involves completing challenges covering a variety of topics to gain credits, which earns our students their award.

ASDAN Bronze Award

The topics our Year 9 students have cover are:

The Community
Sport and Leisure
The Environment
Health and Survival

The challenges covered in these topics allow for an engaging curriculum to be planned and delivered to the Year 9 students, as well as incorporating many trips and activities.


The ASDAN Bronze award allows for the following skills and qualities to be developed:

Self esteem

The students also have gained a First Aid qualification and National Navigator award which ties into the ASDAN Bronze programme.

Key Stage 4

What will my child learn in SkillForce?

SkillForce is a dynamic education charity that delivers inspiring programs that increase the numbers of young people entering education, employment and training on leaving school.

Our courses help young people earn vocational qualifications, and develop life skills through appropriate and structured classroom and outdoor activities.

Our programmes are specifically designed to engage young people through a different approach to learning. Our aim is to give young people the knowledge, skills and attitude that will help them with life after leaving school. We seek to maximise opportunities in training, employment and future life chances

How is SkillForce taught?

There are five lessons a week.

Students will be in a mixed group ability level.

The subject is very interactive and requires a “will do attitude”.

In SkillForce students will use group work, practical lessons, Improving Own Learning and Performance activities and using different strategies like planning and reviewing at home and school.

Skillforce uses a wide range of resources; DVD’s, ICT, fieldwork, games, role plays, research, discussions, sports, presentations. There is an opportunity to attend a residential field trip for 3 days.

Students will be encouraged to problem solve and think for themselves, forming their own opinions on specific issues through numerous discussion activities on various and current subjects.

Students will have fun whilst learning using teamwork and team building activities

How is Skillforce assessed?

There are three units of work within SkillForce.

All the units are built using portfolios and are presented to an internal and external moderation panel. The portfolios help students that find it difficult to take exams. They will achieve qualifications not attainable through the normal school curriculum.

The qualifications could be:

Certificate of personal effectiveness – Level 2 – equivalent to GCSE grade B.

C3 Community, Character and Contribution

First Aid 7 National Navigator