Rob Jarvis – Author Visit

A dark, creative, magical, mysterious, mind… Robin Jarvis, best selling  author, came in to school this week to inspire our Year 7s, along with students from Caldecott Primary School and St Helen & St Katharine School.

Robin started writing fiction in 1988 and quickly became a bestselling author with his Deptford Mice and Whitby Witches series.

His mixture of magic and horror has enthralled young readers and he talked of his latest supernatural books; Time of Blood, The Power of Dark and The Devil’s Paintbox.

Robin has long been drawn to the North Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby as a place to set his stories and said earlier: “I’ve felt the lure to return to those narrow cobbled streets on the East Cliff, climb the 199 steps up to the gale beaten graveyard and look back over the town.”

Whitby is a place that won’t let you go and strange, unearthly stories are waiting to be scratched out of the sand.”

Before becoming an author Robin was a model-maker for TV and films and sometimes produces models to accompany his books. We were fortunate to see one of his creations; Jack Potts, a robot’s head in full scale and working!