Nicki Thornton with Mostly Books – Packed Lunchtime Talk

What a wonderful welcome for Nicki Thornton!

The LRC was packed for the 1st of our lunchtime talks.

There was mystery and magic!

Nicki, 2016 Winner of Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition, gave an inspiring, interactive talk both here at Larkmead School and also later at Thameside School.

Nicki, spoke about her debut novel The Last Chance Hotel – An Agatha Christie meets Harry Potter with a dash of Robin Stevens Mystery.

Nicki spoke about herself, her background as a bookseller and her journey to writing her successful debut novel, before telling students about the magical mystery in her own story.  Nicki lives in Abingdon and was a co-founder and owner of independent bookshop, Mostly Books, until May 2017.

Hot of the press! Nicki has also been awarded Waterstones Book of the Month for October too!

‘The Last Chance Hotel’ certainly is a book to read & Nicki one to watch for her next book…

The Last Chance Hotel;

Seth is the downtrodden kitchen boy at the remote Last Chance Hotel, owned by the nasty Bunn family. His only friend is his black cat, Nightshade. But when a strange gathering of magicians arrives for dinner, kindly Dr Thallomius is poisoned by Seth’s special dessert.  A murder investigation ensues – and Seth is the main suspect. The funny thing is, he’s innocent … can he solve the mystery and clear his name, especially when magic’s afoot?

Imogen from Mostly Books also gave a riveting ‘Goods Read’ talk, promoting some great YA reads.

Students also have the opportunity to purchase these from Mostly Books, via the LRC – come & see us!

You can view the full list here.