National Storytelling Week

What a treat for National Storytelling Week… Abingdon’s very own ‘Beefeater’ here ‘Telling Tales from the Tower’, sharing the history of the Tower of London and his journey to become a Yeoman Warder with our Y7s.
Students were shocked by torture, amazed by traditions and mad for murder in the Tower. He spoke of tudor buildings, Guy Fawkes, executions, traitors gate, escaped prisoners, ravens and the missing Princes in the Tower at the time of Richard III’s rise to the throne. Ravens, gold thread, jewels, skeletons, moats and more… It was a real privilege.
Spike Abbott, Yeoman Warder #402, lives in Abingdon when not in the Tower. Spike was based here at RAF Abingdon from 1981 for 6 years and stayed, now considering Abingdon his home. Having served over 22 years in the RAF attaining the rank of Warrant Officer and been awarded the Long Service Award and Good Conduct Medal, he was able to apply to be a Yeoman Warder (one of the Queens Guards for the Tower of London). He is the 26th ‘Beefeater’ from the RAF since the role was introduced in 1483.
When next in London, visit The Tower of London and discover London’s castle – a secure fortress, royal palace and infamous prison.