Most Able

At Larkmead, we believe that all students must be given the right opportunities to enable them to reach their full potential. We also believe that by developing the skills of our most able students, we are raising attainment across our school and enabling all students to succeed.

What does ‘Most Able’ mean?

We have a responsibility to make sure students make at least their expected levels of progress, from when they join Larkmead to when they leave. To help with achieve this we are identifying, tracking and supporting those students who come here with strong KS2 results. Students would be ‘most able’ if they gained a level 5 in English and/or Maths and scored 30 points or more in their KS2 SATs.

We have a range of trips, clubs, experiences and challenges, which are designed to stretch the ‘most able’ and help them to make the progress they need. Teachers will be aware of which students are ‘most able’ and will be providing them with challenges in lessons to extend their learning.

Knowing which students are ‘most able’ makes it possible for teachers to offer those students different and challenging learning experiences. This does not mean we expect the most able students to be the ‘best’ in every class, there may be some subjects to which they are not suited.

It is also possible that students may have a skill, talent or gift in a specific subject, without having level 5 in English and Maths. Teachers would still provide them with additional challenges, based on their knowledge of the students in that subject.

Our aim is to “ensure, from early on, that students know what opportunities are open to them and develop the confidence to make the most of these.” Ofsted 2013.

What is Extended Learning?

Extended learning describes those learning opportunities which take place outside the classroom. They are the trips, visits, speakers, clubs and community events which provide opportunities for students to extend their learning and awareness of the world. 

It often gives students a new context to their learning and includes homework. Show My Homework helps you to track the work set, the resources used and see the homework timetable. Homework is crucial to progress and we aim to set homework which is based on quality rather than quantity.

Larkmead is proud to be a Visual and Performing Arts school (VPA). We have achieved Arts Mark Gold award based on the quality and variety of our Arts curriculum and events.  From school productions, to artists in residence; from dance company workshops to theatre trips; from cultural arts days to performing in the community; the VPA offers students lots of chances to extend their learning.

For further information regarding our Most Able programme please contact Miss B Hewitt – Most Able and Extended Learning Co-ordinator.