Jon Robinson, Year 7 Author Talk at Abingdon School

On Thursday 16th March all of our Year 7s were very fortunate to have been invited to an author talk at Abingdon School.  Jon Robinson was soo entertaining; capturing the attention of all our year 7s with his stories of gore; the Christmas Tree story that he wrote in Year 7 will no doubt be remembered by all for the body parts that decorated the tree!
He also spoke of his latest trilogy; Nowhere.  The book tracks the adventures of a group of teenagers who find themselves the unexpected inmates of an unnamed detention centre in the middle of a forest.  Jon has since written: Anywhere and Somewhere.

Jon engages his audiences with just the right level of humour and gore; linking his talk to psychology research too. Two of our Year 7s were also fortunate to read on stage with him too – they were brilliant, putting expression into their reading.

If students would like to order a copy of Jon’s books they can be ordered via the LRC for the price of £6.99 per book, 2 x books for £12 or all three for £15. Please order by Monday 27th March.