January 2018 Return to School Dates

Dear Parent/Carer,

We are approaching the end of a long term and it is a good opportunity for me to explain a little more about the works being carried out on site both to restore and refurbish the sports hall and to test and repair, as appropriate, all the electrical circuits in the school following the lightning strike in August.

The sports hall is progressing well and it is still expected to be finished to an improved standard by the end of February.  I have to say how fantastic students and staff have been in coping without the sports hall. They have shown an unrelentingly positive attitude despite the weather and they will truly have earned the improved facility once it is returned.

The lightning strike is far more complicated and has had far more wide reaching consequences though the full extent is still to be determined. The intention is to test each of the three main blocks to see what impact the strike has had on the circuitry. This could be quite minimal requiring some replacement components but it could be a complete re-wire of that circuit.

Each area to be tested will have a pre-inspection to assess the situation followed by a testing of each circuit.  The results of the testing will determine the extent of the subsequent work.  We will start with the main administration block which houses the Learning Resource Centre, the admin office, student services, a computer room and the staff room. The pre-inspection will take a week and will be completed by Monday 8th January so that testing can take place. The contractors have requested that the block be empty for the pre inspection and we have agreed. This means that school will re-open after the Christmas break on Monday 8th January 2018 and not Friday 5th January 2018 as listed in our calendar.

We feel that having the whole school in on the Friday will be difficult without the admin block and that it will present significant complications for students and staff.  On Monday 8th January when students now return, we will know the timings and extent of testing and can start to use the six temporary classrooms that we have brought on to site.

The extent of testing is significant and I want to let you know that after the break we will also be testing the kitchen and to do this we will have a fully equipped temporary kitchen.  Students will still be served in the same area but the food will be prepared in the temporary kitchen until the main kitchen has been tested.  Exactly the same will be true of the science labs where we will have fully equipped temporary facilities.

It will be clear to you from the above that the situation requires careful and considerable re-organisation so that students, as far as possible, carry on with their learning, uninterrupted. It is also clear that the school, once it is returned to us, will be very modern in terms of its services.  The insurance company are determined to leave the school in a secure and well serviced state where all the electrical and data services are twenty first century standard.

I hope that the above all makes sense but please do contact me should you wish to know more or to have clarification.

Staff will be in from the 4th January but to confirm that the new start date for students will be Monday 8th January 2018. May I take this opportunity to thank you and your children for your patience and resilience and to wish you all a peaceful Christmas.

Best wishes

Mr C Harris