Foundation Learning

Key Stage 3

The courses we undertake in Foundation Learning are designed to support the learning of those students for whom a full-time mainstream curriculum can be too academically challenging.  The ASDAN courses contain elements of the National Curriculum as well as vocational and basic skills components.    The courses are typically run in small groups allowing for a more practical approach to learning with some time spend outside of the classroom environment.

ASDAN Keysteps Course

This course covers a wide variety of topics – including Identity, Health, Community and Personal Finance.

At present this course is delivered to selected year 8 & 9 students for 3 & 5 periods per fortnight.  It is anticipated these students will go on to follow the KS4 Foundation Learning program.
The course incorporates the ASDAN Keysteps program to prepare students for KS4 Topics covered
Introduction to the Foundation Learning  Garden
Course work is delivered using a practical approach and utilises interesting project based activities.

Skills developed during the course include;

Strategies to improve independent learning
Problem solving
Completion of this course enables students to be awarded with the ASDAN Key Steps Award

Key Stage 4

What will my child learn in Foundation Learning?

ASDAN Environmental Course

This course involves studying many aspects of the ‘Environment’, managing the Larkmead garden, addressing literacy and numeracy at functional levels and encourages vocational links including assistance with college applications and accompaniment to interviews.

Course Objectives

To support the learning needs of students who are potential NEETs (neither in Education, Employment nor Training when leaving school).

Aim of the course

To re-engage academically vulnerable students with the curriculum by providing a modified option at Foundation level

Student Challenges

To raise the awareness of students to issues surrounding sustainability of the planet
To develop a ‘sustained effort’ work ethic through gardening activities e.g. ground preparation, planting, nurturing, harvesting, marketing and selling produce then reinvesting revenue.
Student rewards

Development of student self -esteem by seeing tasks through to the end
A sense of self-worth e.g. ‘ownership’ of the garden
The establishment of vocational links college, garden suppliers, retail outlets etc
Gaining of ASDAN accreditation
Completion of this course enables students to be awarded with the ASDAN Environmental Award

How progress in Foundation Learning is monitored

Progress is monitored through levels of progress in Literacy and Numeracy.

Increased levels of attendance, wellbeing and involvement using soft data analysis.