First Story & Page Turners Book Club

First Story at Radley College

3 of our students took part in an 8-week creative writing club at the invitation of Radley College, working with First Story.

First Story changes lives through writing, utilising writers in residence. We were very fortunate to work with Alan Buckley, Oxfordshire Poet.

The 8 weeks of writing poetry culminated in the publication of our own anthology; The Poet Tree. Copies are available from the LRC to read at your leisure.


We’ve been reading with some of the Year 5s from Thameside School – they certainly are avid readers!

This is part of a Reading Club with St Helen & St Katharine School, some of our Year 7 Students, alongside St Nicks too!

We’ve read and had some really interesting discussions about Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson. We’re currently reading Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho-Yen and over the summer will be reading Pax by Sara Pennypacker.

Look out for our book reviews in September!