Exam Results

Larkmead is celebrating higher than expected overall GCSE results this year. A full summary can be found at the bottom of this page.

Whilst the headline figure of 48% 5x A*-C and 52% A*-C English & Maths is lower than previous years in context this is an improvement of 2% on the progress similar cohorts of students have made nationally in previous years. The following statement was quoted in the Oxford Mail:

“Pupils at Larkmead School in Abingdon outperformed expectation according to Headteacher Chris Harris…
“This was a less strong year than recent years on paper but we are pleased – they have outperformed expectation by about two per cent.
“We are down a bit from last year because of the prior attainment (Key Stage 2 scores) of the year group. Where they started and where they finished is just as good as any other previous year.
“We have loved having them, the school has really worked hard with the whole year group and many students have got fantastic results.”

This means that the year group outperformed national expectations and we await the new progress indicator but our expectation is that it will be positive

Special mention for the English results which were 66% A*-C, equalling last year’s results within a year group who were lower in terms of Key Stage 2 prior attainment when joining the school in 2011.

These results are particularly pleasing in light of the national decline to 62% this year. Gains in English outcomes will be complemented, this year, with a reading strategy across the school which is the next stage of our demonstrably successful literacy strategy.

Overall we are delighted that this year group performed higher than its prior attainment suggested. Please look at the results in greater detail by following the link below

Pictured are some of the 9 students who gained at least 8 x A*-A.

The full list of names follows. 9 students achieving 8+ A*-A GCSE grades. Emily Andrews; Jenny Blackmore; Sarah Cain; Reef Coey; Flynn Jackson; Charlie Stevens; Thomas Stott; Susie Thompson; David Tillin

A-Level Results

The Abingdon Consortium for Education (ACfE)  which comprises Larkmead School, John Mason School and Fitzharrys school sixth forms released the following statement about students’ excellent exam results.

“Students in the Abingdon Consortium for Education are once again celebrating record A Level exam results. The percentage of students across Fitzharrys, John Mason and Larkmead schools achieving at least 3 A* or A grades has improved on last year’s record, and is once more above the national average. The last three years of A*-B grades also puts ACfE above the national average. AS results in Abingdon show great promise for the future, bucking the national picture of uncertainty, and rising by 14% at A-B.  This represents a fantastic achievement from the students in Abingdon, proof of the consistently rising standards in our community.

“This year’s ACfE A Level results compare very favourably with schools locally and across Oxfordshire, resounding recognition of the high quality of state education in Abingdon,” said Jonathan Dennett, Head at Fitzharrys and Chair of ACfE. “It has been great to see so many smiling faces across the town as students secure places at University, an apprenticeship or a job. It’s also been a delight to hear about all the students from Abingdon who have completed their courses and are moving on to the next stage in their future.”

“Well done to students and staff for all their hard work, and congratulations to everyone for their achievements. These results are another step forward for Abingdon, and students and parents can be confident in the strength of state education in the Abingdon schools.”

Abingdon Consortium for Education (formerly 14-19 Abingdon Partnership) A Level results 2016:

Number of students 148

% entries A*-A 22%
% entries A*-B 46%
% entries A*-E 98%

At Larkmead we were delighted with our contribution to the consortium results with 28% of results achieving A*-A grades the school’s highest ever percentage and 50% of our students’ results achieving A*-B grades.


These excellent results allow 45 students to take up places at 35 different universities including Cambridge University.

We wish all of our Year 13 students every success in the next stage of their lives, whether they are embarking on new university courses, starting work or taking a gap year.  It has been a pleasure being part of each of their success stories.

AS Results best ever.

Larkmead is again delighted with its contribution to the best ever results achieved by ACfE with three quarters of the courses taught achieving results that place them in the top half of all schools nationally.

We are pleased to report that 8 A Level students (listed below) achieved at least 3 x A*-A and three students gaining 3 x A*

Matthew Caldwell; Elin Kaemmer-Bailey; Rachel Moody; Callum Morrison; Jacob Stevens; Bethan Thompson; Anna Tillin; Emily Wilkinson