Critical Thinking (Year 7 Only)

Critical Thinking aims to give students the opportunity to develop those skills required in identifyincand evaluating the relative strengths and weaknesses of arguments – skills which are central to the process of arriving at reason-based judgement.

It is a fundamental academic competency and its disciplines and practices are useful and applicable across a wide range of subjects.  Critical Thinking also enhances students’ ability to construct their own rational arguments.

Term 1
Introduction to Critical Thinking – Skills
Phonic alphabet
Brain based challenges
Tennis balls

Term 2
3D shapes
Creative christmas
Good samaritan
Managing your time
You and your opinions

Term 3
Reflection and visualisation
Student questionnaire
Questions and creative writing
Story openings

Term 4
P4C lessons (Money)
P4C part II

Term 5 & 6
Project based learning