Chris Bradford Author Talk

Chris Bradford’s entertaining, inspiring talk captivated our year 7 students. Not only were they treated to an author talk but lessons in how to be a BODYGUARD too! Students also met with Chris for book signings. Many Thanks to Abingdon School for the invitation.

Following the talk a Y7 student was soo inspired he’s now liaising with the Dance Department to set-up a Dance Club, in Term 6, to physically represent and demonstrate some of the techniques shown at the talk.

Any interested Y7 students to contact Miss Seigel to join in!

Chris Bradford uses a ‘method-approach’ to his writing; researching and learning about his subject matter so that he can write realistically, hence, has trained as a body guard for his successful Bodyguard Series. He shared some of the techniques with the audience.

Lilly Bremner was called up on stage to assist with a role play and reading from the Bodyguard Hostage Book; she was the President’s Daughter and needed protecting.

Ryan Hudspeth, who was called up on stage to assist, said:

“It was fun. We learnt how to be a Bodyguard and learnt some cool tricks!

I was lucky enough to be picked to go on stage; Chris asked me to pretend to be a fan who was trying to get a photo of Justin Bieber, however, I was really trying to kill him! Chris, the Bodyguard, stopped me from approaching by ‘jabbing’ me in the chest & I fell backwards onto a safety mat!

It was scary but fun.”

 Chris Bradford is an award-winning author and black belt martial artist, best known for his children’s fictional series; Young Samurai & The Bodyguard. The latest book in the Bodyguard series; Fugitive came out in May!

Before becoming a full-time author, he was a professional musician, a songwriter and music teacher. He has written quick reads for Barrington Stoke and non-fiction books on music too!