We believe that regular attendance at school is absolutely vital if students are to make progress with their education and maintain relationships with their peers. To raise the profile and importance of good attendance with students, their attendance is published termly on the Attendance Board in the School Restaurant. We also encourage students to attend as regularly as possible by presenting certificates each term to those who achieve 100% attendance. Good attendance is also rewarded with points which count towards the Larkmead Certificate, which is presented at the end of the year. The tutor group with the best attendance for the whole year is also rewarded with a social outing. However, we realise that some absences are unavoidable. Please contact the School’s Attendance Officer on 01235 544844 by 10:00 on the first day of absence. Unexplained absences will be reported to the Education Health Officer.

In common with other schools in Abingdon, we discourage student absence for holidays in term time. If such an absence is unavoidable, written requests should be sent to the relevant Keystage Co-ordinator.

The school produces a helpful guide to ‘Attendance at School’ which is distributed at the start of the year.