100 Word Short Story Competition

Tim Pears, local author, had kindly judged the LRC’s recent 100 Word Short Story/Poem Competition with the theme of ‘ICE’.  Tim wrote the following of the entries he received:

Wow, lots of pieces and lots of them great! Soo much imagination at Larkmead School.

I am so impressed. Well done to everyone. So hard to choose but as it’s my job here it is:

In 1st Place:

  • Ice by Hollie Cox (10QH), two young people in the park, Robyn and Jamie. Robyn’s inner state reflects and somehow battles with the temperature in nature around her. The story is very realistic yet magical too – and it ends with a lovely humorous line. Superb!

In 2nd Place:

  • My Cold-Hearted Uncle with a Soul of Ice by Isabella Macqueen (7PR), a powerful and moving description of an uncle who had descended the slippery slope of drink.

In Joint 3rd Place:

  • Ice by Mollie-Mae Howard & Lara Withers (7PR), dramatic piece about an ice skater in a competition.
  • Ice Sensei by Alex Holdstock (7PL), an entire myth about The Ice Sensei in Japan, his destructive power, then his end when his destructive power is exactly what saves lives.
  • Winter’s Hostage by Hamish Anderson (8SO), the last words of an Arctic explorer, whose five companions have already dies. Every word counts in this superb description.

All 1st, 2nd& 3rd place entries received a large chocolate bar and Hollie Cox also received a £5 Book Voucher to spend in Mostly Books, Abingdon.

Special mentions also go to:

  • Ice by Joseph Drysdale (7PL), a very nice poem of life in winter.
  • Ice by Olivia Willoughby (7RCL), a magical story of a girl trapped in an icicle.
  • Ice by Amy Furlonger (7PW), about a mythical being, Akkarangar, in the Arctic.
  • Cold Britain by Oliver Beachey (8SG), an angry political poem.
  • Iceyness by Ketra McClean (8SG), a fun surreal poem.
  • Land of Ice by an unknown student, the words of someone dying in a frozen land.

Well Done All – They were all a pleasure to read.

Winning Stories

1st Place:  Ice by Hollie Cox, 10QH

As she sat there, the coldness between them intensified.
Their loving, carefree, fun weekend had changed to this awkward silence like Summer to Winter.
Robyn ran a shaking hand through her golden hair. She wasn’t used to its new length and she had the horrible feeling Jamie didn’t like it. But she found as she got used to it her confidence grew like a budding flower.
Gingerly, she moved and perched carefully on the bench looking out onto the frosty evening. She felt Jamie move and lounge on the bench alongside her. The frost crept up along the bench as they sat in paralysing silence.
Sometimes it’s tricky to break the ice.

2nd Place: My Cold-Hearted Uncle with a Soul Of Ice by Isabella MacQueen, 7PR

“I don’t understand?! Why would he do that, in front of me, how can someone be that cold-hearted?”
So… the horrendous thing my Uncle did was to pour boiling hot tea down my Auntie, causing many burns.
You see he has a drinking problem and he… he isn’t ‘the kindest’ when he’s drunk.
He has a soul of ‘Ice’ sometimes. Just hearing the things he says sends shivers down my spine.
My Uncle ‘tried’ to change but he isn’t the same anymore, it used to be like me and my brother were his everything, now I’m his nothing and my brother’s his life.

Joint 3rd Place: Ice Sensei by Alex Holdstock (7PL)

Long ago in the cold, deserted mountains near Tokyo there lived a feared Ice Sensei. He was cursed by a demon spell that made ice flood through him covering every atom within him. His eyes turned white with no pupils and he could turn people to ice.
People were desperately frightened of The Ice Sensei but one day a miraculous thing happened. Mount Fuji erupted and boiling lava streamed downwards towards the city. On its way it ploughed through the Ice Sensei which not only killed him but cooled the lava down and stopped it flowing. The people were saved!

Joint 3rd Place: Winters Hostage by Hamish Anderson (8SO)

It’s freezing in here. Cold and dark.
I can feel the presence of death, wrapping its cold fingers around my legs. I have spent 2 days in this blasted tent. We started off as 6 and now I am the last survivor soon to be dead.
There’s no point screaming. No point crying. Antartica is a large place full of horror and despair. Nobody is near, everyone is far, far away.
I can feel my lungs tightening, my heart slowing and my eyes start to close.
I am dead.

Joint 3rd Place: Ice by Mollie-Mae Howard and Lara Withers (7PR)

Ice covers the ground. It glimmers in the light.
I pick up my skates and tie them up tightly. My heart thumps as I step out to see what my future will hold. Suddenly, the music starts. I glide out onto the smooth ice. Now I feel fearless.
Let it Go” I hear as I do my double pirouette. BANG! I hear as I fall down on the ice. Now I feel as small as a mouse. Everyone staring at me. I’m so embarrassed. I rush off the ice and into my Mums arms.
I am such a failure.